Natural stone

Using natural stone to outfit the floors in your home is an elegant and sometimes even modern move for your home decor. At FloorWorks, we carry a variety of stones to fit the color palette in your home — or the new one you have in mind as you undertake a renovation. Read on to learn about the most popular natural stone options that you might want to consider for your new flooring:

Limestone and marble

These two natural stone tiles are a great option for a bathroom in your home. They also are natural choices for an entryway. Both add elegance to a room and are marked by their natural inflections of tones and patterns in white, gray, black and beige.

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Travertine stone

Travetine stone is one of the most popular choices for a natural stone floor. It has a porous consistency and is formed from calcium, so it must be sealed and installed properly. But it is gorgeous and dramatic in the rooms it fills, adding dimension and glitz.

Polishing and texture options

Our natural stone flooring is available in different polishes to achieve the distinct look you are seeking. For example, when you add polish to natural stone you’ll get a shiny and contemporary look. When you add different finishes to natural stone, you can achieve a distressed or antique look for your flooring.

At FloorWorks, we can show you these distinct options and help you envision what your floor could look like with a variety of natural stone options. There is a natural stone that will complement your home decor and color palette as it is now.

Perhaps you’re looking for a dramatic entryway for your home? We can achieve that look with different types of natural stone in varying sizes and patterns.

Perhaps you want an elegant, spa-like feel in your bathroom. We can achieve that with one of our many neutral natural stone tiles.

It’s amazing to see how the natural makeup of stone can bring out even more character in a house and really give it that wow factor. Certainly you’ll need to consider maintenance time for a natural stone floor, as it is does require special cleaning and care. But the advantage of a natural stone floor is that it is very durable and will last a lifetime. Visit us at our Phenix City, AL flooring location today to get started with your natural stone floor!